Learn How To Make Up

Nowadays, many people are learning makeup, and on many occasions, they need some more delicate makeup, which will look more spiritual and make people feel very energetic. The following is a small series of how to learn makeup for you.

For Beginner to Learn how to make up

Most Important -  The Foundation

The base is the top priority of all makeup. The three elements considered in the foundation: color number + moisturizing degree + concealing degree.

The Concepts

1. Isolation(make up base)

After the basic skin care lotion and sunscreen are finished, the first step before applying makeup is to apply makeup base.

The effect is to isolate your skin and cosmetics, and it will make you better after applying makeup. Of course, if you have a separate sun protection function, you can avoid this step.

2. Liquid Foundation

Liquid foundation can cover some flaws on your face, such as dark circles after staying up late, some acne marks, etc., you can also choose a powder, the concealer effect will be better, and it is easier to make up the makeup, it is best to a whiter color compared to your skin, so there is no obvious dividing line between face and neck.

3. Eye shadow  

Eye shadow will make your eye color reach a balanced and harmonious state, which can effectively modify eye problems such as swollen eyelids and lay a good foundation for the next eye makeup.

4. Eyeliner  

There are many kinds of eyeliner, there are eyeliner pen, eyeliner liquid, and eyeliner cream. The role is to modify the eye shape, which can play a most important effect on your overall makeup. For beginners, the eyeliner will be relatively easy to use, and it will be good to control the eyeliner and eyeliner after getting started.