Automatic Hair Curling Wand | Magically Fast

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Why do you want it?

Hurrying to date, work, or an interview?
Not a problem. This Magic Wand will help you in a minute!


Hold the wand upright while using is advised.

Keep away from liquid.

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This item will be delivered by UPS, estimated 4-12 days. US exclusive (not deliverable to other countries)

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How to use:

  • 1. Plug the spin and curl into the correct power supply
  • 2. The spin and curler display is turned ON and OFF by pushing the Power button on the handle, the display will light up to show that the appliance on
  • 3. Select the desired temperature using the (+)and (-) buttons OR set the desired temperature by pressing the (M) button to use pre-set temperature of Low, Medium, High
  • 4. The temperature will blink 4 times, indicating the curler temperature is set
  • 5. Select the desired timer setting using the (+) or (-)buttons
  • 6. After 15 seconds, the iron temperature and timer will be locked in
  • 7. To unlock the temperature or change the temperature, press the power button once (the locked icon will disappear) and press the (M) button twice
  • 8. To unlock the timer setting, press the power button once (the lock icon will disappear) and press (M) button once
  • 9. After 1 hour of stand by, the iron will shut off automatically