beauty blender washing machine | Sponge & Brush Cleaner | Hot!

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1. It`s Fun, Convenient(Whole Bunch Of Brushes Wash Together),

2. It does clean sponge and brushes, Show it to your friends. 

3. It`s Worth A Try On $9.99 On a 50% OFF

4. It`s Viral

  • HOW TO USE: Use warm water and personal favorite soap, makeup cleanser or antibacterial soap in the mini washer. Immerse the brush in water, preferably without touching the bottom, then start the machine and drain it with a hose after washing.
  • INTERESTING: With this super cute mini washing machine, you'll find the scrubbers to be a lot of fun.
  • SUPER MINI CUTE: The washer comes in a cute, perky shade of pink with a transparent lid just like a real washing machine. Using it feels like playing a game.
  • SUITABLE FOR BOTH CHILDREN AND ADULTS: This toy can help children develop good habits and learn the basic skill of washing laundry skills. Adults can use it to clean makeup brushes,very cute and practical.
  • NOTE: You need put 2pcs AA batteries into the machine, add clear water, click on/off button, so it can start working(AA batteries not includes), do not add too much water, can not clean big makeup sponge, it will cost 5-8mins to clean your puff or brushes